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Kailey Barlow



Wednesday, July 24, 2024


  • Event Center

To learn more about the contest and what an ultrasound is, click this link.


  • There is no entry fee for the contest.

  • The Livestock Ultrasound Contest is sponsored and supported by the Sublette County Fair Board.

  • Pre-entries for this contest are not required. There will be a station set-up in the weigh-in area for each specie to have 4-H and FFA animals ultrasounded.

  • Results from the Ultrasound Contest will not be made available until all shows are finished. The results will be available before the Junior Livestock Sale.

  • Belt buckles will be awarded to the best animal of each specie that has the best carcass, as ultrasounded, graded, and chosen by Southeast Idaho Ultrasound.

  • The champions are picked based on percent fat free lean for hogs, percent retail product for lambs and goats, and retail yield plus percent intramuscular fat for beef. Animals must meet all of the  following criteria in order to be eligible to win the contest.

    • Goats: Percent Retail Product

      • Weight: 60 pounds minimum

    • Lambs: Percent Retail Product

      • Retail product is based on backfat and  ribeye area with a deduction for lambs with less than .15” backfat.

      • Weight: 120 to 150

      • Backfat: .15” to .25”

      • Ribeye Area: >3.0 sq. in.

    • Hogs: % Fat Free Lean

      • Fat free lean is based on backfat, loin eye area, and weight, plus an adjustment based on if they are a barrow or gilt. There is another adjustment to penalize hogs with backfat of less than .60:.

      • Weight: 240 to 290

      • Adjusted Backfat: .60” to 1”

      • Adjusted Loin Eye Area: >6.5 sq. in.

      • All adjustments are based on 250 pounds.

    • Beef:  Retail Yield Plus % Intramuscular Fat

      • Retail yield is based on backfat and ribeye area.

      • Weight: 1150 to 1425

      • Backfat: <.60”

      • Ribeye Area: 1.0 sq. in  / 100 Pounds

      • IMF %: >4.75%

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