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Nicole Uhl



Saturday, July 20, 2024


  • Ag Center

Added Money & Prizes

  • Thanks to the following sponsors: Sublette County Fair Board, Night Time Que, Cowboy Construction, John Rice, Weber Drilling, D&D Diesel, The Uhl Family, The Cowboy Shop, Lonestar Ropes, SJ Customs, Intermountain Roofing, Diamond L Trucking, Quill Creek Excavation, Wyoming Title and Escrow, Union Wireless, Saunders Ranch Co., The Sanctuary, Toolson Telephone, Little Jennie Ranch, Icehole Coolers, The Durbin Family



  • Entry Information: Entries open on June 22 at 8PM and will be taken until each event is full. There is no guarantee that if you show up the day of the event that you are guaranteed a spot on a team. Those that pre-enter will be put into a drawing for a prize. 

  • Entry Fee: $60, $120, or $180 / Team


  • The Ag Center Arena will be split in half so two teams can run safely at the same time.

  • Each team consists of four team members..

    • 2 Head / Switch for the Mix Division

    • 2 Head / Switch for the Open

  • Each team will be required to brand two cattle.

  • The announcer will start the time.

  • Two members will work the ground. After the first calf has been roped and branded, the team members will change places.

  • The ground crew must be in the designated area before any loop is thrown and must stay in designated area until the calf is headed and heeled. Ground crew leaves when heeler has dallied.

  • The head catch must be around the neck or around the neck and one front leg. A front leg loop is legal. Belly catches are illegal.

  • The ground crew may assist in removing illegal catches or dropped ropes, but must return to the designated area before another loop is thrown.

  • The heeler may catch one or both hind feet.

  • As soon as the calf is headed and heeled, the ground crew may leave the designated area, throw calf, and switch ropes. If the calf gets up while switching ropes, the ground crew can continue working on the animal as long as the animal has a rope on one end, but the calf must be stretched by all four feet before the brand may leave the circle.

  • You may not take the iron with you to work the ground and the brand must stay in the circle until the ropes are switched and the calf is ready to brand.

  • The ground crew must return to the designated area after the calf is branded.

  • Time stops when the last calf is branded and the ground crew has returned to the designated area.

  • No one except team members, flaggers/judges and the Bev Halpin officials will be allowed in the arena. Each team will be allowed one holder for horses in the branding pen. Judges and the officials for the event will have the final say on any rule disputes.

  • Brand locations will be announced before the branding at the ropers meeting.

  • Penalties are as follows:

    • Branding on wrong side = DQ

    • Unnecessarily rough on cattle = DQ

  • For any cattle that have been roughed up (i.e., broken leg, etc.), the cowboy or cowgirl responsible for the accident will be responsible to pay stock contractor market cost for the cow.

  • Dress Code:

    • Western Attire or Hawaiian Shirts

    • Cowboy hats are not required 

  • Time Limit per Divisions will be as follows:

    • 2:00 for the Open

    • 3:30 for the Mix

    • 2:30 for the Youth

  • Open Division

    • Slick horn only ​

    • $180 / Team 

    • Any four team members can rope.

    • Capped at 40 teams.

    • Capping at 4 times per roper can rope

    • Must switch out two members to make a new team

  • Mix Division

    • Women and kids can use rubber

    • $120 / Team

    • A four-member team has to have two of the following for a qualified team:

      • A kid under the age of 16

      • One adult 55 and older

      • Or at least two women

    • Capped at 40 teams.

    • Capping at 4 times per roper can rope

    • Must switch out at least two members to make a new team

  • Youth Division

    • $60 / Team

    • Capped at 10 teams.

    • A two member team with an adult on the ground to help switch ropes.

    • To build a team you must have a kid under 12 and a kid between 13-16.

Youth ages are determined as of January 1, 2024. 

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